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ZOLT app is a mobile application for ordering construction waste containers
Delivery of loose materials
Order loose material using the ZOLT platform and receive the delivery on the next day.

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Loose cargo includes material such as sand or fertile soil. We support deliveries of 5–8 m3 at a time. To order a larger volume, please place several orders – due to cargo capacity limitations, we can only deliver up to 10 tonnes at a time. For larger volumes (starting at 200 m3), we can arrange for a custom quote. To find out high-volume pricing, please write us at birojs@zoltapp.lv

Choice of cargo type

ZOLT offers deliveries of various types of loose material, primarily sand and soil. These are popular materials used in both construction and household improvement. They are delivered in construction waste containers and can be unloaded at a location and time of your choosing.

Container dimensions and access restrictions

Please specify the preferred material unloading location and ensure access to the specified location. The customer is in charge of handling cargo unloading approvals and other legal matters

Minimum requirements for container lorry access

In order for a vehicle to deliver and unload your cargo without issues, the access road should be at least 3 m wide, accommodating a height of at least 3.7 m and have a length (straight line) of at least 15 m

5 m3

6 m3

7 m3

8 m3

All you need to do now is choose the time and location of delivery in the ZOLT app
Delivery location
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