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ZOLT app is a mobile application for ordering construction waste containers
Removal of construction waste from construction sites with ZOLT
Construction waste removal is subject to various regulations – this kind of waste cannot be simply thrown away. ZOLT will help you recycle your construction waste correctly.

Construction waste container rental at affordable prices

Construction waste may not be put into general household containers or disposed of in an unsuitable location. This can lead to harmful environmental pollution. Construction waste is the product of construction and large-scale repair works and is generated by private individuals as well as construction companies. This category of waste includes:
Concrete, cement and reinforced concrete constructions
Large amounts of brick or tile
Oversize ceramic or gypsum products
Various wood materials and road surface materials
Topsoil removed before construction
Cut down trees and bushes
Large amounts of leaves or mown grass
Other loose repair waste (sand, crushed rock)
Smart waste processing includes sorting in order to separate waste suitable and unsuitable for disposal, followed by appropriate processing. For example, waste reinforced concrete can be processed using hydraulic shears or a jackhammer. Construction waste must not be deposited in a general landfill along with household waste because it needlessly takes up crucial space.
The ZOLT app lets you order construction waste containers for a specific term. You choose:
Container size
Delivery location
Rental period
Service provider
Each of our partner providers of waste removal services has relevant permits from the State Environmental Service. The app is easy to use: in just three easy steps, you will have placed an order, taken care of environmental protection, and complied with Latvian law.
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