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ZOLT app is a mobile application for ordering construction waste containers
ZOLT enables you to save money, fuel, trip time, and human resources. Each of these confers benefits in terms of reduced CO2 emissions.

ZOLT helps you monitor waste removal companies:

  • By providing automatic reports to the APUS state system for waste carriage and recording, we let customers verify what quantities of what kinds of customer waste have been removed to a sorting location
  • We offer tracking of drivers’ trips to help you verify that waste has been delivered to a sorting location
  • We always verify a service provider’s data before accepting them as a ZOLT partner

Our driver application and administration dashboard allow you to:

Combine runs more efficiently

Do more with a single trip, saving on driving time and fuel expenses

The application records where a container is placed and when it should be removed

Containers are not lost – they can be tracked effectively for timely removal from a customer’s location in harmony with your other runs

The application monitors driver location

Waste ends up where it should, without falling out somewhere on the way

The application is integrated with APUS

Automatically submit weight reports, customer data, waste types and so on. Everything is registered – all you have to do is approve uploading of the report.

The application calculates distance accurately for each customer

This allows for accurate planning of time and fuel requirements etc.

Stay aware of traffic jams, road repairs etc.

Plan time and routing effectively

Promotes waste sorting

Less work for landfills, more recycled materials

Download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store