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ZOLT app is a mobile application for ordering construction waste containers
Do you work in waste removal? Become a ZOLT partner!
With ZOLT, you will find many new customers, achieve your potential, drive revenues and contribute to appropriate waste processing in the Riga area.

Becoming a ZOLT partner – why it matters

Are you a contractor for removing construction waste or oversize waste? Perhaps you have waste containers for rent? Become a ZOLT partner to access the advantages:
Automated customer attraction and order registration
Access to an order management dashboard
New customers, new possibilities for business growth
Container information is frequently updated (available volumes, addresses where containers are situated, end of rental).
Automated invoicing for convenient accounting
Tracking of each driver’s location
Why work with us?
Users throughout the Riga region will know your name – individual consumers and construction firms will always be able to find your services. You will also receive access to a versatile digital platform.
By participating in the ZOLT app, you can accomplish your potential for company growth and boost your brand image with consumers.
Our online platform is a lot more convenient than handling physical documents (pads, folders and printouts). It can also help your business – letting you easily analyse demand for each group of containers you hold, purchasing new ones as needed without wasting assets where customer demand is lacking.
ZOLT partners:
SIA ”Eco Baltia vide”
SIA ”T-metāls”
SIA “Sandi Holding”
SIA “TM Capital”
SIA “Ēku demontāža”
We’re always on the lookout for more service providers. Check out the advantages ZOLT offers and become a partner with us!

Download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store