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ZOLT app is a mobile application for ordering construction waste containers
Who removes waste from sites and territories?
Construction waste and other waste is removed by approved Service Providers. All companies that cooperate with ZOLT have been granted waste transportation and management permits.

Who recycles construction waste and oversize waste?

ZOLT copes with waste removal companies in Riga and the Riga area that have proven their competence and trustworthiness on the market.

Our clients receive waste removal services from professionals of their craft who have specialised equipment to handle containers of various sizes.

Service providers
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This provider can be asked to remove construction waste with the aid of a qualified worker or using tractor machinery
The company holds waste management permit No. RI16AA0007.
“Nika Mi” has in-house waste sorting and processing facilities in accordance with applicable regulations.
The company maintains appropriate sorting sites.
The company also has over 15 years of experience in waste removal.
Responsible, time-conscious staff, orderly logistics and dedicated landfills.
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Dedicated pool of specialised machinery, orderly construction waste processing and disposal operation.
“G2.LV” guarantees high-quality service and always takes the individual needs of its customer into consideration.
The company holds waste management permit No. RI20AA0018
This supplier takes a responsible approach to waste collection and processing, and engages in the production of renewable materials.
The company takes your timing seriously and has a 20-year ecological record.
With a long-term cooperation view, “G2.LV” relies on tested technologies.
SIA “Eco Baltia vide”
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Leading Latvian environmental management company with a partner network spanning the entire Baltic states.
The company is continually developing the sorting of various kinds of waste, ensuring further processing in cooperation with partners
The company holds waste management permit No. RI13AA0049
Customers receive access to a wide range of environmental management solutions, with guaranteed high quality of service and adherence to environmental requirements
A professional team of responsive professionals who will find the best solution to suit the customer at all times
We find value in every item, place, and person
SIA “T-metāls“
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Our mission is eliminating hazardous waste in Latvia.
We provide free collection of electronic, computer, electric waste and hazardous waste
We set up free waste collection campaigns in cooperation with municipal governments and housing managers.
The company holds waste management permit No. RI13AA0027
We encourage businesses to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and destroy media that carry unused or prohibited data.
We recycle obsolete electric appliances, destroy computer and server hard disks in the customer’s presence, providing appropriate documentation and offering photographic or videographic documentation.
SIA “Sandi Holding”
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The company has over 10 years of experience in providing construction waste removal services.
We have the necessary vehicles and equipment and have experienced staff on hand.
The company has the necessary permits to provide construction waste transportation services.
We organise cooperation in a way that keeps the environment and customer expectations in mind, always careful to comply with the applicable legislation.
Our long-time customers commend the support we provide in addition to delivering our core service.
We provide containers for scrap metal and offer dismantling works at various degrees of complexity.
SIA "TM Capital"
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The main activity of the SIA "TM Capital" is the purchase of black and colored metal scrap from both legal and physical persons.
"TM Capital" offers a wide range of metal scrap processing services, including the acceptance, transportation, and dismantling of metal scrap.
Honesty, responsibility, and a professional approach to work organization are the company's main strengths, allowing for long-term relationships with clients.
"TM Capital" always offers higher purchase prices for metal scrap to its clients.
Individual approach to each client is the basis for mutually beneficial business and long-term cooperation opportunities.
The main principle of operation is competitive pricing, timely purchase of metal scrap, and quick decision-making.
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SIA "ĶILUPE" was established in 1998. The company's objective is to ensure sustainable, high-quality, environmentally safe management of household waste.
Company offers its services to both individuals and legal entities.
The operational region includes the Ogre municipality, Aizkraukle municipality as well as the Riga/Pieriga region.
The company takes pride in its extensive experience in waste management and customer service, as well as its professionally responsible employees.
The main operational principle is to provide residents and businesses with the opportunity to separate waste by type and characteristics.
Currently, the company employs 52 staff members.
SIA "Ēku demontāža"
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SIA "Ēku demontāža" offers rental of construction equipment and machinery for demolition and concrete dismantling projects.
The company provides development and approval of construction projects and explanatory letters with the construction authorities.
SIA "Ēku demontāža" specializes in the processing and disposal of construction waste, as well as construction and land reclamation.
The company's services also include earthworks: foundation preparation, trenches, and more.
With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry in the Latvian market.
More than 100 dismantled buildings throughout the company's operation.
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